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Organic Herbal Products

Sound Healing


Organic Herbal Salve Collection

Our herbal infused salves are handmade in small batches using organic oils, waxes and herbs that are ethically and sustainably sourced.


From bug bites to diaper rash to sore muscles, we've got you covered! 


Shop below to see our three organic herbal salve offerings. 

Organic Herbal Salve
Organic Herbal Bath Tea

Organic Herbal Bath Tea Collection

Herbal baths have provided respite from daily stressors, special connection time for mama and baby, and relief from aches and pains for thousands of years.  Each blend of organic herbal botanicals is formulated for a specific intent to help you relax, bond with your baby, and more. 


As with all our herbal products, the herbs used in our bath teas are ethically and sustainably sourced. 


Shop below to see our various organic herbal bath tea offerings.   



Heart of Earth was founded on the belief that one's connection with Earth is the root to a balanced body, mind, and soul.  Plants and wilderness are at the core of our wellness, and are remarkable gifts to us from Earth. Just as a mother shares her heart with her children when she cares and provides for them, so does Earth provide for our needs. For thousands of years, our ancestors fostered this connection with Earth through plants.   


In honor of this, we offer small-batch, handcrafted organic herbal products made with sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients, following time honored preparation methods.


My hope is that through experiencing our products, you will feel the care and healing from the heart of Earth.

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