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Herbal Bath Sampler Kit

Relaxation and Moisturization, here you come!  This kit includes one single bath of each of our Organic Herbal Bath Teas: Sweet Peace and SleepyTime, along with the added bonus of our Floral Fusion Organic Herbal Body Oil to moisturize head to toe after you soak. 

Herbal Bath Sampler Kit

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  • Feeling stressed out?  Trouble falling asleep?  Crabby kids?  Our Organic Herbal Bath Teas will help calm the nervous system so you can relax, or even fall asleep easier.   Our Floral Fusion Herbal Body Oil will moisturize head to toe, and help calm those nerves with chamomile, lavender, rose and other herbs infused in sunflower and jojoba oils. 


    Our Herbal Bath Sampler Kit includes: 

    SWEET PEACE HERBAL BATH TEA SINGLE BAG - Formulated with herbs to promote relaxation and an amazingly sweet aroma.

    SLEEPYTIME HERBAL BATH TEA SINGLE BAG - Formulated with herbs that help your body prepare for sleep. 

    ORGANIC HERBAL INFUSED BODY OIL - Infused with wonderfully smelling botanicals and skin healing herbs, our Floral Fusion Herbal Body Oil  absorbs quickly with hints of lavender, rose and chamomile.  Great for face and body!  These hebs also promote relaxation. Best when used just out of the shower or bath to lock in moisture.  A perfect compliment to the bath teas. 


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