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Skin Repair Kit

Dry, cracked, painful hands? Frequent handwashing, gardening or cold winter air takes its toll on our hands. Our Skin Repair Kit has all you need to nourish, heal and protect your skin.

Skin Repair Kit

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  • Unlike lotions that tend to minimally moisturize and sit atop the skin, the herbal infused oils used in all three products will go deep and kick start your cells to actually heal the skin. 


    Our Winter Skin Repair Kit includes: 

    ORGANIC HERBAL SALVE - Use frequently throughout the day, especially helpful after handwashing or anytime your hands feel dry. Slather on just before bed too, for an extra hydrating boost. Great for areas that are more intensely or frequently dry.

    ORGANIC HERBAL INFUSED BODY OIL - Infused with wonderfully smelling botanicals and skin healing herbs, our Floral Fusion Herbal Body Oil  absorbs quickly with hints of lavender, rose and chamomile.  Great for face and body!  Best when used just out of the shower to lock in moisture. 

    ORGANIC HERBAL LIP BALM - Great for everyday use to heal and moisturize dry, chapped lips. 

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