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It's ok to hibernate. And not feel guilty!

Everywhere we look at this time of year it's all about goal setting, making ourselves "better", fixing the "problems", losing the can feel a bit overwhelming to add another to-do to our interpersonal world, or to truly feel the societal pressure of the ongoing expectations of continual improvement.


Let's take a deep breath together.....and consider another way of operating. Be-ing.


Take a moment and look out your window. Observe what the Earth is doing. And not doing. Winter is a time of rest. Of stillness. The sun has retracted it's path in our sky, leaving the days short. Darkness rules this time of year. After a busy season of growth and production, She rests. She sleeps. She prepares for the next turn of the wheel where she will be growing and providing again. She knows what is coming, and she is taking the time to prepare herself to serve. To provide. She is just be-ing.


When you slow down, and connect with what you are actually feeling this time of year, what comes to mind for you?


For me, I am well into my hibernation. I feel drawn to things like reading nourishing books, taking herbal baths, connecting with Spirit, exploring my feelings and where they come from, being warm and cozy, dreaming up what is next. When I make time to do these things, I have find a whole world of richness available to me. See, everything we experience operates within a natural cycle. When we step out of autopilot, and step into a more conscious way of be-ing, we notice these cycles and how we are in fact a part of them, and what we are feeling is often in sync with a cycle of some sort (think feeling drained or slow this time of year).


There is so much wisdom available to us when we slow down and observe, with the intention of learning, from that which sustains us. Just as the Earth needs to rest and rejuvenate herself for the coming spring and summer, we need to take some time of rest and introspection so we can prepare our soil for the coming spring and summer in our lives.


My wish for you during this winter season is that you can make time to slow down in your most favorite way - and connect with this cycle and see what comes up for you. What can you dream up for your life, in this season of darkness and rest? What bits of wisdom will you discover in doing so? What is coming up and ready to be let go of? How can you bring yourself closer to love? To just be-ing?


Guilt will most likely rear its ugly head. Guilt of not doing. Guilt of not getting stuff done. Guilt of feeling "lazy" when you are slowing down. This is a tough one to deal with, especially when you are new to this practice. It's those societal pressures bubbling up. The ego voice inside our head. If you experience this, I encourage you to keep going with it. It will ease up as you feel and realize the value in slowing down. The trees are resting. The bears are hibernating. If the Earth can take a break, why can't we? :)


On another note - I want to express my gratitude for all of you. You are more than just "customers". More that someone who bought a salve or lip balm or attended a sound healing session. You are a soul that I have connected with through the plant medicine I make, or the sounds I create from a place of deep love for humanity. Thank you for be-ing here. Thank you for supporting my small business. And thank you for being curious about alternative ways of healing and experiencing this life.


Heart of Earth was never just a business for me. It was born from a deep place of purpose. To create a space to help people connect with nature, the Earth and themselves... And to truly know the freedom that is found therein.


I am so excited to continue to build this community, and build on the foundation of 2023. I have so many things I'm dreaming up in my hibernation and can't wait to share when the time is right!


In rejuvination,


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